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Submerged In Floodwater

Samaroo Law is engaged in helping its clients whose properties have been submerged in floodwater to return to normal life processing claims.

Statistics show that floodwater is responsible for causing maximum devastation after wildfire in the U.S. Also, almost 90% of incidents declared as national disasters by the President of the U.S. related to flood and floodwater. With 1,300 miles of undulated coastline, the “flowery” state of Florida stands open and most vulnerable to hurricanes and ensuing wind and water damages.

Flooding due to any cause and in any place whether home or office can be extremely distressing causing extensive damage to property. It has the potential of turning your entire life upside down leaving you shattered not knowing how to get the pieces back together. Finance is the main part in getting everything back to normalcy.

Property damage due to flooding are mostly due to unexpected changes and situations that have disastrous results and costly repairs in the offering. Most insurance companies sell policies that cover costs associated with flooding caused due to

  • Hurricanes
  • Tropical storms
  • Heavy rains
  • Faulty plumbing
  • Burst pipes and pipelines

These policies cover residential homes, offices and commercial establishments. Most policies have complicated clauses and sub-clauses that most buyers often overlook, fail to understand or are not explained properly. The result is, in the eventuality of a claim situation arising, the companies use the writing in the fine print against the policyholder often making the claim totally invalid.

Samaroo Law helps you get the financial support

Our lawyers understand the difficult situation that you are in and use their expertise in dealing with the flood damage claims. We deal with insurance companies, access damages you have suffered and ensure that the report is according to the mandated legal definition of flood damage. It is an extremely sticky ground as insurance companies are all out to play all types of tricks so as to not to give you anything as claim amount.

  • You will need strong legal assistance with sound knowledge of everything concerning floodwater damage claims to help you have a strong footing.
  • There are plenty of instances where the victims do not understand the intricacies of the policy and are left without the rightful claim money.
  • It is important to carefully read and understand the clauses and sub-clauses of the policy that you have purchased before placing the claim.
  • Most Florida insurances cover damage caused by floodwater to the building and specified objects and also those caused by debris. Exclusions and inclusions have to be carefully studied and the legal possibilities explored.
  • We build the case with irrefutable evidence so that there are no chances of the insurance company denying that the damage caused was due to flooding.

Real picture behind the insurance

Most property owners assume that the moment they buy a homeowner’s insurance, the entire property gets covered and that they will be able to claim compensation for all types of damages including floodwater damage.

It is important to see and understand is the damage mentioned is only that from storm or any other natural disaster or it includes other causes as well. Flooding of your property can also result due to fault in indoor plumbing, roof leaks or similar problems. These are the areas that we as veteran floodwater attorneys read, investigate and substantiate on your behalf and place claims.

What we can do for you

Insurance companies are notorious for delaying and even denying valid claims related to property policies. This is what is known in legal terms as acting in “bad faith.” We have a battery of insurance bad faith lawyers that know how to precisely deal with such insurance personnel and tactics.

  • We deal with the ugly prospective of the insurance company’s unwillingness to hear, validate and settle a valid claim.
  • Our bad faith attorneys are seasoned in getting settlements on behalf of clients in record time as we know how important finance is when you have suffered damage.
  • As veteran lawyers, we investigate and substantiate a claim producing all legal and circumstantial evidences.
  • Very often insurance companies employ their legal resources to establish that the damages presented were pre-existing and they do not qualify under this particular claim.
  • We have the expertise in dealing with the insurance company’s refusal process and give them legal reasons to validate and settle the claim.
  • Insurance companies are notorious for “lowballing” claim amounts. Even when a person has all the legal evidences to claim compensation for floodwater damage, she or he could still end up with a meager claim that barely covers only part of the rebuilding process.
  • As practicing lawyers in the area of claims emerging out of storm and floodwater damage, we help our clients get their rightful amounts from the insurance companies.
  • Not renewing or cancellation of policy after a policyholder has filed a claim is another regular practice by insurance companies to deny claims.
  • At I4routeguide, our lawyers deal with such tricks by the insurance companies strictly making the sit up, take notice and change things.

In short, we proactively deal with profit-oriented insurance companies concerning claims resulting from floodwater knowing how to deal with the usual practices of denying and delaying rightful claims of policyholders.

Recover the claim amount you deserve

A well-known claim-refusal technique that these companies use is that the damage should have been reported earlier and that it is too late. It is the delay factor that has led to deterioration of the damaged property that cannot be entertained as a valid claim.

The legal intricacies involved in all such cases is too much for simple citizens to cope up with. Even if the companies accept the claim, in most cases the claimant is grossly underpaid citing a host of clauses and sub-clauses. A lot of people are left feeling duped after having paid out for the years and months for the insurance sum.

We can help make your floodwater damage claim smooth and painless immaterial of the magnitude of the damage to your property.

Our lawyers stand committed with our clients to recover the exact claim amount that you deserve with aggressive advocating on your behalf.

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