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Motorcycle Accident on I4

Samaroo Law is a veteran soliciting firm that provides legal guidance along with aggressive representation to all motorcycle riders involved in accidents on the I-4 highway. We have decades of experience and covered several hundreds of cases helping people make their rightful claims.

Despite all automobile safety and the highway regulations in place, road fatalities are continually on the rise. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that in 2015 alone there were 35,092 fatalities in the US. The 7.2 percent is the highest single year rise since 1966.

According to a study carried out by telematics suppliers Geotab, Florida has 4 of the 5 most dangerous corridors among which Interstate 4 is ranked as the deadliest highway in the US. I-4 continues to be among the top 4 interstate highways that are most accident-prone for the last 6 years.

We are here to help you with I-4 motorcycle accidents

If you are affected by a serious motorcycle accident on the I-4 with serious consequences, we are here to help you.

A motorcycle accident can be devastating and also a life-changing incident resulting in loss of income, change in lifestyle and also altered quality of living. At Samaroo, we are seasoned dealing with claims after distressing motorcycle accidents on the I-4. As a motorist you have as much right on the road as any other larger vehicle and we represent our clients in light of this fact. We carefully investigate the case and gather all details to use them to your advantage.

Given Florida’s “no-fault” accident laws, the most important question that comes to mind after a motorcycle accident is, “Do I have a legal claim at all and if so, how much would it be worth?”

What the law says

Motorcycle owners in Florida cannot purchase a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or “no-fault” insurance. This directly implies that after a motorcycle crash, you or your loved one is not directly entitled to a first-party benefit like medical expenses or loss of wage benefits.

This makes it hard on the victim to deal with the ensuing medical expenditure especially in case of lack of supporting health and disability insurance cover.

As in car crash accidents, motorcycle accident victims too have to fulfill several criteria concerning stipulations set by the state of Florida.

  • Motorcycle riders in Florida are required to take the Basic Rider Course and a driving license or an endorsement that is added to the existing license.
  • The most important fact is that Personal Injury Protection insurance in Florida is applicable only to 4-wheelers.
  • Motorists are not obliged to wear helmets if they are above 21 years of age. Those that are below 21 need to carry insurance of $10,000 for medical coverage.
  • Florida laws require riders to carry a total of $20,000 in terms of insurance for bodily injury and $30,000 as single-limit liability.
  • Eye care however is a must by law when riding a motorcycle.

The law however does permit a motorcycle accident victim to recover damages for pain and damages incurred. The only stipulation of the law is that the victim must fulfill the criteria marked out as “permanent injury” to be eligible for the compensation.

Motorcycle accident that takes place due to negligence of duty of care by someone, that is, because of being uncareful on road, will be treated like any other negligence case.

Compensation claims that Florida laws permit

The compensation claim that Florida law allows usually refer to the amount of money that would ideally restore the victim to a state prior to that of her/his motorcycle accident. These include:

  • Lost income & earning capacity
  • Medical expenses incurred and future necessities
  • Damage to property
  • Loss suffered in personal relationships
  • Mental anguish & distress
  • Inconvenience caused and loss of enjoyment of life

These apart, Florida laws also permit claiming of punitive damages in case of Personal Injuries. These are usually awarded when the other party is proved to be willfully wanton and reckless or even malicious that led to the accident and ensuing condition of the victim.

In such cases punitive damages can go up to a maximum amount of $500,000 or 3-times the amount of the compensatory damages, whichever is higher. Personal Injury claims in Florida have a time limit of 4 years and in case, the victim dies, the limit is further reduced to 2 years.

We can help you

Here is where Samaroo Law has been helping motorcycle crash victims as Personal Injury Attorneys to reach a rightful settlement. If you or your loved one was always on the right side of the law while riding the motorcycle but now have to meet the fatalities of the accident, we are here to establish your case with the authorities.

It is imperative that you contact us at the earliest possible before any evidence of the accident is tampered with. We swing into action immediately to investigate and establish that:

  • You or your loved one is actually a victim of someone else’s negligence on the road and that the defendant breached the duty of care in one or more ways.
  • Your or your loved one’s has sustained grave medical injuries that are established with the help of medical experts that work in coordination with us. We help establish the “permanent” nature of injuries suffered to help the victim sue the erring party.

Our experts draw up an appropriate Damage Formula that is helpful in dealing with insurance companies and all concerned parties. We deal with claim process and appeals against claim denials in the most professional way to help our clients get the compensation that they rightfully deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyers at Samaroo Law can help you deal with the complicated claim issues when you or a loved one is going through the gamut of physical and mental trauma. We are seasoned attorneys that have been helping people involved in I-4 motorcycle accidents.

Get in touch with us at the earliest following a motorcycle accident on I-4 for making a fruitful claim by speaking to an experienced Florida Attorney

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