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Car Accident on I4

Samaroo Law is led by Attorney Avita M Samaroo. She has been advocating for her clients since 2013 and has demonstrated superior skills in negotiating, communicating and has been working with clients involved in car accidents that frequently occur on the deadly I-4 highway. We’ve been helping people that were involved in car accidents with or without a fault of their own with the best possible claim amounts.

Florida is a beautiful state full of sunshine and beaches with natives and visitors traveling across cities and states. However, the 132-miles Interstate-4 highway between Tampa and Daytona Beach is reported to be among the most dangerous in the country. January is stated to have witnessed the maximum number of accidents.

A follow-up analysis by WFTS-TV reports the 15-miles stretch from the Champions Gate to the Sea World to be most accident-prone. Locals mark out the particular quarter-mile between Daytona and Orlando in the Seminole county located at the southern end of the interstate bridge that runs across St. John’s River as the “Dead Zone.”

What leads to accidents on I-4?

The increasing population, heavy traffic, and careless driving are reported to be the main cause of car accidents on I-4. The existing lanes are pathetically inadequate that has led to the work of expansion.

  • It may be very difficult to avoid accidents when driving on the I-4 with so many distracted drivers checking phones, reaching for their glove compartment, something on the floor while eating or drinking.
  • Over-speeding, tailgating and passing illegally are some other factors that result in such accidents.
  • Swerving and moving out of lanes is another reason that results in big accidents on the I-4.

Help for Personal Injuries sustained on I-4

If you’ve been injured on the I-4 Florida Highway in a car crash, contact us immediately.

We’ll help you get the much-needed finance to foot your medical bills, fix the vehicle or even replace lost wages. After all, you deserve to get compensation for all the physical pain and suffering, emotional distress and financial losses that you had to undergo while being behind the wheels.

At Samaroo Law, we understand the sudden impact of an unfortunate accident that often turns the victim’s life upside down deeply impacting the quality of life.

A simple daily task like driving your car can become a life-turning event. At Samaroo, we have been helping people make informed decisions concerning Personal Injury Claims. Florida is among the few “no fault” states with its definite set of accident compensation laws.

What does “no-fault” mean?

Personal Injury claims in Florida can get pretty complicated with its “no-fault” law.

  • In “at-fault” states, motorists have the options of filing claims with their own insurer or that of the other driver’s insurer. They may also choose to file a suit against the other driver to prove fault and claim Personal Injury compensations.
  • As a “no-fault” state, all motorists in the state of Florida are required to carry a minimum of $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PI).
  • In the case of a car crash, both parties turn to their respective insurance companies to pay for the medical bills and other losses incurred. The PIP is the driver’s coverage for medical bills and or lost wages.
  • There are severe limitations to recovering the costs under the “no fault” law as PIP covers only 80% of medical bills and 60% of lost wages.
  • Moreover, you are responsible for the first $1,000 medical bill and lost wages apart from the deductibles that you’ve chosen.
  • If your injuries do not fall under the category of “permanent injuries”, as per state laws you are entitled only to $2,400 from your insurer ($1,600 as medical expenses and $1,800 as lost wages). You’ll have to take into account your deductibles as per the insurance that you’ve chosen.

It leaves a lot of drivers injured in car crash in Florida totally unprotected when it comes to the recovering cost of damages that they have incurred. Despite the fact that you may have incurred damages of about $5,000, as per the law you may end up with only a fraction of it in hand. This is why any car crash victim should consult an extremely competent Personal Injury attorney.

We know the exceptions to the law

At Samaroo Law, we have been helping people involved in car crashes on the I-4 highway. We have perfect knowledge of the fine nuances of the Florida “no-fault” law and can help you recover and compensate damages when you were not at fault. These are among the major exceptions to the “no-fault” law:

  • Medical bills or lost wages that exceed $10,000 not covered by PIP can be claimed by the victim.
  • Permanent injuries entitle a Personal Injury victim to sue the other motorist for appropriate compensations.
  • The permanent injuries are identified as those that
  • Lead to a significant or permanent loss of a crucial bodily function
  • Permanent injury that occurs within a permissible degree of medical probability apart from scarring or disfigurement
  • Any significant and permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Death

In any of these cases, the victim is free from the limitations of the “no-fault” law and can file a suit to claim compensation to recover all medical expenses and also other “intangible” damages suffered as a result of the accident.

How we can help you

Only a competent and expert lawyer can help you identify your injuries being categorized as “permanent injuries” with proper medical documentation and processing. Our solicitors work with experienced medical specialists that help identify and confirm “permanent injuries”.

We take stock of the accident conditions accessing those responsible for it. Subsequently, we carefully work with analysts to access the host of “intangible” damages like changes in lifestyle, suffering from a lower quality of life than before the accident and mental trauma of the victim. These apart there is also the aspect of the sole bread-winner of the family losing job permanently that may lead to the trauma of the family breaking up.

We understand the trauma that you’ve gone through probably for no fault of your own and are here to help you with all the necessary documentation and legal processes.

Whether it’s you or your loved one that has suffered injuries in a car accident, get in touch with us right away even before you talk to your insurance company.