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Personal Injury

Samaroo Law helps you reach the best Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida after an accident on the Interstate 4. The experienced and dedicated group of lawyers are committed to honesty and persistence and act with responsiveness and personal attention to details.

It is not easy for anyone to overcome the physical and emotional trauma that you are up against soon after an accident especially on the busy I4. Not only does it take months to resolve issues and settle claims, but it also takes a serious financial toil on most victims.

Accidents occur mostly due to human error leading to crashes and collisions. In fact, statistics say that a mere 2 percent of vehicle collisions take place due to mechanical error or degraded components. Another 2 percent account for bad weather conditions and ensuing debris.

Florida is a “no-fault” state where dealing with claims after an accident can become extremely tricky unless you have the right legal assistance.

As per Florida laws:

  • The state Personal Injury liability does not hold any one person accountable for the PI of another person involved in the same accident.
  • All motorists are mandated to carry a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) of a minimum of $10,000.
  • After an accident in the state, each party has to approach their respective insurance companies to claim for medical costs and damages incurred.
  • Most importantly, for you to be able to claim Personal Injury (PI) compensation, you have to meet the strict criteria set by the state.
  • For any injury caused due to error or negligence of the state, its agencies or subdivisions, things get even more complicated with the state enjoying “Sovereign immunity.”
  • All PI claim lawsuits have to be filed within 3 years from the date of the accident in case of serious injuries and 2 years from the date of in case of death.

It is extremely important to communicate with insurance companies and those in authority through seasoned Personal Injury lawyers. Apart from the complications of PI laws, you will be up against insurance company and other lawyers that are appointed to downplay your case and leave with almost nothing.

Taking the help of an experienced Florida PI lawyer that has handled several accident cases especially on the I4 will ensure that your cases is represented aggressively and with irrefutable points. If the need is, these lawyers can also act as deft mediators that can help you recover for the losses that you have incurred. They can help you with a favorable settlement, an alternative dispute resolution or a court trial.

Being a “no-fault” state, you will need all the legal assistance possible to file for a Personal Injury claim suit. The laws are strict and they stipulate that:

  • The medical costs of the victim should be more than $10,000 and not covered by PIP.
  • Injuries suffered by the person due to another person’s fault have to be permanent in nature
  • The injuries should be significant enough to result in the permanent loss of a vital bodily function or a part of it.
  • Scarring or disfigurement if any should be of permanent nature and
  • Death of the victim

It is best to avoid negotiating with the insurance companies by yourself unless the case is for policy limits. Only professional PI attorneys with the needed expertise know how to calculate the claim amount in your case. These include both the tangible and intangible damages that are carefully accessed and taken into consideration.

Such lawyers work with other professionals to access the extent of material damage, physical and mental trauma that you have gone through to calculate the claim amount.

  • They work with medical professionals to establish that the injuries are indeed permanent and there to change the victim’s life forever.
  • The lawyers also work with caregivers to access the extent of attention needed in the future and the expenses involved.
  • Loss of income suffered due to the PIs and the loss of future potential income.
  • They also access the overall damage to property and add the amount to bring out the estimated sum of material loss suffered.
  • There are factors like loss of quality of life due to the accident that has to be taken into account.
  • People often lose their relationships due to debilitating injuries that have a far-reaching impact on the victim and such losses have to be compensated.
  • Death and the subsequent and irreplaceable losses suffered by the near and dear ones.

All such calculations need the expertise of those that have dealt with several hundreds of PI cases in the court and faced trials. As a victim, the pain and mental agony that you suffer can never be taken away but the compensation will surely help you live a dignified life.

The best Personal Injury lawyers in Florida will help you in either reaching a decent out of court settlement or file a lawsuit. Without such an expert you will never be able to reach the settlement that you actually deserve.

Trials are intense sessions and only an expert attorney can weigh the pros and cons to make the right decision for you. These lawyers help guide you through the best process according to your personal case and situation.

Attorney Avita M. Samaroo is one such renowned person who regularly handles Personal Injury cases all through Florida especially the catastrophic ones that take place on I4. She is the active member of several Bar associations given her passion for law. With her experience, she is capable of giving unique views on cases that are essential when representing clients aggressively in court.

Apart from her academic laurels and professional expertise, this lawyer is also proactively involved in the community giving back what it deserves. She provides free consultations for 30 minutes to victims and answers their questions so that they are properly educated and can make independent decisions about their case. This way she helps Personal Injury victims receive their rightful claims when all seem dry and lost.

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