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Road Debris Accidents

Samaroo Law is a well-known law firm that has been helping people that are continually being affected by projectiles and other obstructions from construction sites get their rightful compensation.

Anyone driving along the I-4 is familiar with the myriad of workers and facilities such as trucks, massive pipes, power shovels and of course mounds of rubble and dirt. Needless to say, that each inch of the highway parts with ongoing construction can virtually turn into a death-trap.

I-4 motorists have been putting up with flying projectiles of all types including concrete, oil dousing, and water submersions. Most motorists have been unable to obtain compensation for dents, scratches and other damages to vehicles or even to the body. Statistics reveal that among those affected, only 66% received a restricted amount by way of compensation, with 10 more being under investigation and others being denied.

What does Florida law say?

Florida has its own set of rules concerning the identification of the material that can be classified as construction debris.

  • All material from construction sites that cannot be dissolved in water or pose a potential threat to humans, animals, and properties are declared hazardous.
  • Bricks, metals, lumber, rocks, and all other loose material resulting due to the demolition of part or the entire structure.
  • All material should be properly attended to and kept ready for disposal. In case of any injury resulting from any of these hazardous materials, the owner is to be held liable.

Looking at the precarious nature of a kaleidoscope of such material on the I-4, it is not unnatural that so many people have already been affected. Damage to a vehicle has been common and some have also sustained physical injuries.

The real picture

Construction places on the I-4 can be best described as white-knuckle driving stretches where motorists are hemmed in right and left. There is also the risk of being rear-ended in case of trying to slow down sighting a potential construction debris danger. In other cases, victims on this stretch have ended up colliding with debris while trying not to swerve or brake.

Many motorists plow straight into potholes in an effort to avoid a collision or swerving. Stopping and trying to come out to access the situation not just increases the risk of more damage but may also pose as a danger to other motorists.

By the time motorists can safely pull over and stop on the I-4, they are well out of the damage causing zone and have thus have removed the evidence of what actually led to the accident.

Unless you can give evidence to the court that the damage was the exclusive result of negligence on behalf of the builders, there is no chance of recovering a penny even if you had to shell out $1000 for the repairs!

Added to these expenses are the costs of working with an attorney. Most people get frustrated with the long process and legalities involved. All through there are stationery fee and other additional costs that pile up with having to attend to legal office calls and other court formalities.

The anger and outrage only get stronger every day with little help around as the builders and authorities are very clear about how they would settle any damage claims. Writing out narratives of the incident and getting them notarized are what most victims do. But these rarely help them get the compensation that they deserve. This is where we can step in and not just place claims on your behalf but also get you the rightful compensation.

How we can help you make a claim

Construction debris projectiles have known to sustain serious injuries to motorists apart from damaging the vehicle. But, the burden of proof before a court of law will be solely upon you even if your vehicle has been damaged by a projectile from the I-4 construction site. It is common for road builders and those in the state authorities to state that the fate of cars in constructions zones are not their liabilities.

At Samaroo Law, our seasoned lawyers are well aware of the process and know the exact evidences that can help you gain the compensation.

Gathering evidence, especially in the form of photographs, is the most important part. If you are in a position to stop and take a photo immediately before anyone can remove anything, the pros are heavy on your side.
Most of the times you are likely to be stranded in the middle of the road with no chance of stopping immediately and coming out to click photographs as evidence.

In such cases, we have the expertise in placing the circumstantial evidence as solid proof of your accident due to a construction debris projectile.

As experienced lawyers, we work closely with our clients in a way that helps them in their best interest. We probe all possible angles to the compensation solution and also look for out of court settlement processes. Our concern is to help you overcome the traumatic incident, support you legally and help you meet the financial burden that is thrust upon you due to damage to the vehicle.

If you have sustained any injuries to the body, our veteran lawyers work to the best of their abilities to press for Personal Injury compensation. We work closely with medical experts that help establish the nature of the injury and its future implications to decide on the damage calculation. There are lost wages and future income loss issues due to the injury sustained. We closely examine every possible angle to any injury that you may have sustained due to a construction debris projectile on the I-4 to help you get the rightful compensation from the concerned parties.

In case of the unfortunate event of a construction debris projectile hitting your vehicle damaging it or injuring you, get in touch with our lawyers at the earliest possible.

We use our expertise in documenting the actual incident when placing compensation claims that are hard to refuse.

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