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What Is Florida 14 Day Accident Law and How Does It Work?

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Despite being one of the most beautiful states in the U.S, Florida earned itself a dubious reputation for the highest number of car accidents in the country.

Reports from government agencies revealed that Florida witnessed a staggering 3,116 deaths due to car accidents in 2017 alone.

Needless to mention, this figure is bothersome!

Ground reports suggest, most drivers in Florida are not worried about a car accident but are concerned about the laws governing it and the related personal injury cases. Florida being a “No-Fault” State, has strict laws governing car accident and personal injury cases.

Post collisions, the victims are required to encounter the state’s “no-fault” insurance laws and Florida’s 14-day accident law.

In this blog, we wtll discuss what is Florida’s 14-day rule and how does it work in personal injury cases.

What Is Florida 14-day Accident Law

Florida’s 14-day rule provides car accident victims with a time gap of 14 days to file their claim post the date of occurrence of the accident. The rule has been derived from Florida Statutes Section 627.736, outlining the no-fault system.

The law clearly states – “any individual injured in a motor vehicle accident, must seek coverage for medical care under Personal Injury Protection (PIP) portion of their insurance”.

Under PIP, they are entitled to receive 80% of their medical expenses up to $10,000 USD.

The Florida 14-day accident law further states that an individual must receive medical attention and care within 14 days after the accident, to qualify for medical benefits from the insurer.

Failure to do so can result in the insurance company dening the claim for medical benefits.

Here’s a list of benefits of the 14-Day Rule in Florida –

 Up to $10,000 as medical and disability benefits.

 Up to $5,000 in death benefits.

 Up to 80% coverage for surgeries, x-rays, and rehabilitative services.

 Up to 80% coverage for ambulatory fees, hospital visits, and nursing care

How To File A Claim?

Florida is one of those 12 states that abide by a non-tort-based system. Florida car accident laws clearly instruct the victims of auto accidents to file their claim with their insurer within 14 days of the accident.

Every driver in the state is strictly instructed to purchase car insurance. In a case of a car accident, the injured parties file claims against the policy for the benefits of the medical cost and damages caused after the crash.
It is always advised to call 911 and report the crash to the authorities immediately from the accident site. Report all injuries sustained and if possible take pictures and if possible record witnesses via phone video/audio of a statement. Make sure you get their name and phone number as they will be asked to give a sworn statement.

Next, the injured parties should seek medical attention from taking the ambulance from the crash site to the hospital and/or visit a medical provider like a doctor or chiropractor. Start keeping copies of the medical records, medical bills, and all images to see what was reimbursed by policy and what is still owed.

However, if the victim fails to discover the injuries in two weeks, it can be considered as an exception. An experienced Florida personal injury lawyer would be able to guide you in such a situation.

Hire the Best Florida Car Accident Lawyer for Maximum Benefits

I-4 – one of the busiest freeways in Florida, witnesses the maximum number of accidents in the United States. Still, it becomes very difficult for the victims to obtain the claim amount from the insurer due to Florida 14-day accident law.
This is exactly when a car accident lawyer Florida comes into play!
Avita Mosai Samaroo – one of the most renowned car accident and personal injury lawyer in the United States, have been helping car accident victims for more than 6 years now.
She has the skill, as well as, the experience to gather and represent the pieces of evidence in the court of law and fight for the maximum amount as compensation. It is very difficult to find someone who is as experienced as her when it comes to handling personal injury and car accident cases in Florida and adjacent areas.
Get in touch with her if you’re facing complications to obtain your claim amount due to the 14-day rule. She and her team would help you to overcome this adverse situation.

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