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Undertsand Florida No Fault Who Pays Auto Insurance Laws

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If you are living in the splendid city of Florida, and an owner of a car then you must know that it is one of 12 states that follows no-fault insurance laws. It is mandatory for everyone residing in Florida to follow the laws. According to the no-fault insurance laws, victims of a car accident cannot sue the guilty party directly and can seek reimbursement and settlement for personal injuries and property damages only from their insurers. It is important for car owners in Florida to get covered under automobile liability insurance.

4 Interesting Facts about Florida No Fault Who Pays Laws

The personal injury protection in an auto insurance claim does not provide 100% coverage for medical bills in the car accident. It only gives 80% coverage of medical bills, 60% of the lost wages, and $5000 for funeral expenses irrespective of whether a driver is responsible for the accident or not.  The policy does not cover emergency expenses such as hospital stays, room visits, rehabilitative treatment, and therapy stemming.

The auto insurance company has the right to conduct an unbiased medical examination by deploying a medical professional. If you decline to undergo the examination, your policy will be terminated. The insurance company also reserves the right to investigate the crash. They can request a independent examination of your injuries and request an explanation under oath.

If you are a victim of a car accident in Florida, you can still bring claims against the at-fault driver liable and file a lawsuit against the policy holder. It is possible only when there is a permanent disability due to a serious injury, and there are lost wages of future earnings. The reimbursement claims against the at fault party on grounds of negligence, strict liability, and intentional misconduct. Out of the three, negligence is the most common ground. Let’s take a look at the exceptions to Florida’s No-Fault Law.

  • A permanent disability that a driver has incurred in the accident involving a significant loss of a vital bodily function.
  • Permanent injury of a driver inside the reasonable degree of medical probability other than scarring or disfigurement.
  • Bone fracture of a driver
  • Serious and permanent scarring and disfigurement of a driver
  • Wrongful death

For property damage liability (PDL) in an auto insurance policy in Florida, there are certain rules and regulations. The PDL damage is exclusively meant to cover those damage expenses that vehicle owners are legally accountable for. It will safeguard anyone using your car or only the individuals named on your protection policy. PDL does not reimburse if you rear-end someone else’s automobile or you back over your neighbor’s mailbox. It will only come to your rescue only if a property is accidentally damaged.

Why No-Fault Insurance Coverage is Provided to the Vehicle Owners in Florida?

The No Fault insurance Coverage is provided to the injured victims involved in car accidents, motor accidents, big trucks accidents, and others. It facilitates them to get compensation right away instead of going to court, figure out which driver was at fault, and wait for the money. Policyholders don’t need to undertake legal proceedings or sue the perpetrator.

Who Can Get Coverage Under a No-Fault Policy in Florida?

  • Policyholders regardless of being at fault or not for the crash
  • Children of the policyholders
  • Family members of the policyholder’s household

To sum up, the No-Fault Law at Florida has its own set of pros and cons for both the accuser and perpetrator involved in a car accident. Getting acquainted with the terms and conditions is really important for every vehicle owner in the city. However, for financial safety and protection, it is indispensable to have auto insurance for motorists.

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