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Interstate 4 Dead Zone – The Zone That Every American Fear!

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The Interstate 4 highway is a 132-mile freeway running through Florida. Despite being one of the most accident-prone roads, it is used by people daily.

If you happen to be traveling on Interstate 4 between Daytona Beach and Orlando, you must be particularly careful on a quarter-mile road that locals call the “Dead Zone”.
Located at the St. John’s River in Seminole County just North of Orlando, the Interstate-4 Dead Zone is extremely haunted!

The locals on multiple occasions have reported that they have seen orbs of light floating across the highway at night. Ghostly apparitions on the side of the road trying to hitch travelers and random vehicles are also not unheard of.
Reports of cell phone outages are quite frequent and some people have even heard strange noises coming through their phone near the south end of the bridge.

You must be wondering why this spot on the highway is so dangerous for drivers?
Well, according to legends, it was constructed over graves. And, it goes without saying that a disturbed grave site is perfect for eerie things to happen.

However, researchers believe that it’s a mere coincidence that so many people have crash-landed their vehicles there.
The graves at the Interstate-4 dead zone is under one of the eastbound lanes, just before the South-End of the St. Johns River Bridge.

It’s up to you to decide whether you would believe the paranormal theories or think of it as a coincidence.

In this blog, we have thrown light on some strange and mystical stories of I-4.

History of the Location

Before the 1880s, I-4 was just a sand road with the presence of a hand-operated river ferry. If legends are to believed, an outbreak of yellow fever claimed the lives of four individuals. The priest residing there had to travel to Tampa for giving them a decent burial, but he too had to suffer the same fate soon after reaching there.

With the priest dead, there wasn’t anyone skilled enough to perform the last rites of the dead. They were buried without ceremony. Locals believe that unhappy spirits still roam free and are the reason behind the frequent accidents.

Hurricanes and I-4

In 1959, the U.S Government bought the property to construct the I-4 highway. The four graves were supposed to be relocated, but never were! The surveyors of the land felt that that the graves were old, and should be left intact.

In September 1960, dirt was poured all over the graves to raise the highways. At the same time, a powerful storm named Donna struck the southern region of Florida. When the hurricane was on its way to the Gulf of Mexico, it unexpectedly changed its course and landed on the region where the new interstate was being built. The damage caused delayed the construction for over a year.

Then in 2004, another hurricane named Charley took the same route as that of Donna and passed over those four graves. What’s surprising is that construction work was happening around the graves just when the hurricane passed over.

It seemed as if someone or something didn’t want to disturb the peace of the dead lying underneath the graves.

Paranormal Activities

There have been lots of paranormal activities witnessed at the Interstate-4 Dead Zone. People have frequently stated cell phones and radios stop working while traveling through the dead zone. There have also been claims that they have heard strange voices such as someone asking “Who’s there?” or the simple question of “Why?”.
The strange part is, when drivers respond to such questions, there’s nobody to revert.
Some people have even reported witnessing spirits, shadow people, and ghostly apparitions of hitchhikers. Unexplained balls of light above the road and ghostly apparition of a young woman in a white dress or nightgown is also not unheard of.

Many believe that all these factors are the primary reason behind the occurrence of frequent accidents on this freeway. As a result, many suffer from fatal injuries. Sometimes, even death!

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