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Accident on i4

I4 Route Guide is owned and operated by I-4 crash attorney Avita Samaroo of Samaroo Law. She dedicates herself to help victims of I-4 accidents fight for just compensation for their personal injuries caused by negligence of others.

The beautiful sunshine state of Florida is a proud leader when it comes to a spectrum of events and happening from growing maximum citrus fruits to tourism to space programs. But when it comes to the roads, highways and interstates, i4 accident has become a regular feature giving the state the dubious reputation of having the most dangerous stretch in the country!

Why so many i4 accidents?

The I4 is among the oldest interstate highways and large stretches of it are congested due to monumental increase in traffic. This apart, there are cases of rash and careless driving that frequently end up in fatal accidents involving several people.

  • Not maintaining lanes and sudden swerving are common causes of fatalities on the i4.
  • Passing illegally, tailgating and of course over-speeding are other frequent reasons causing accidents on this interstate.
  • Distracted drivers on phones, eating or drinking, reaching for the glove compartments or the floor are a big cause of such incidents.

You need an expert to help you

Florida is one of the 12 “no-fault” states of the country. This means that even if you are seriously injured in an i4 accident due to no fault of your own, it will be difficult to be rewarded with the right amount of compensation unless you have the right legal backing. You are sure to incur high medical expenses at present and stare at a far from normal life affecting your earnings, personal and professional life.

I4 Route Guide experts can step in here and extend our legal expertise in helping you get what you deserve most – financial compensation that will help you live with dignity.

Car Accident I4

States like Florida have promulgated the “no-fault” laws to help check every car crash and other accident reaching the courtroom. It is left to personal insurance companies to deal and settle accident claims. There are exceptions to the law where Personal Injury claim lawsuits are heard.

But these have to be proved in court with complete evidence and utmost competence for victims to be compensated rightfully.

As per Florida “no-fault” laws:

  • All motorists should carry a minimum of $10,000 by way of Personal Injury Protection (PIP).
  • In the unfortunate event of a car crash on i4 or any other road in the state, the parties involved will have to turn to their respective personal insurance companies for their medical bills and damage coverage.
  • Under the “no-fault” law, the PIP covers only 80% of the total medical bills and 60% of earnings by way of lost wages.
  • The motorist has to pay the initial $1,000 of the medical bill and will have to part with the deductibles as per the insurance plan she/he has chosen.
  • As per the “no-fault” laws, both victims irrespective of whose fault is entitled to $2,400 from the insurance company that includes $1,600 for medical expenses and $1,800 as lost wages. Insurance deductibles apply on the amount.

If you are involved in an i4 crash, the chances are that you will get only a fraction of the total expenses that you actually incurred. Only an expert with full knowledge of interstate 4 accident can help you recover your dues.

Motorcycle Accident I4

In Florida, Motorcycle owners cannot buy a PIP meaning that after an i4 crash, as a motorcyclist you are not entitled to the first-party benefits like motorists.

  • Motorcyclists in Florida should carry $20,000 as insurance for injuries to the body and $30,000 as a single-limit liability.
  • Riders that are below 21 years of age should carry $10,000 as medical coverage.
  • Unlike motorists, motorcyclists in Florida cannot buy a PIP plan.

In case of serious injuries, you or your loved one has to file a personal injury lawsuit through a personal injury lawyer to recover compensation for medical bills and other damages suffered. Injuries should fulfill specified conditions for them to be termed as Personal Injuries and you to be rewarded compensation. Only competent lawyers that know the intricacies of dealing with such accidents on the i4 can help you receive your claims.

Truck Accident on I4

An i4 accident that involving a truck is very different from that of a car or a motorcycle. The consequences more drastic as trucks are weigh several tons and much larger in size. Rules involving truck accidents on the interstate or for that matter anywhere on the state are also different.

  • It is mandatory for trucking companies to carry liability insurance much like motor vehicles.
  • This minimum liability differs based on the weight of the trucks and can range between $50,000 – $750,000.
  • For companies that employ trucks carrying hazardous material, the personal injury liability and property insurance is a minimum of $5,000,000.

Claims for truck accidents on the i4 too come under the “no-fault” clause. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this law and our seasoned lawyers explore all angles to follow the path that best suits our clients’ interest.

Road Debris Accidents

With work on the Interstate 4 still underway, there is so much of debris flying around, that several people have sustained different degrees of injuries due to them. According to Florida law, anything that is not soluble in water, poses a threat to human and animal life or can damage property is termed hazardous.

  • Drivers on the i4 are often up against road debris that causes them to slam against them.
  • The sudden slamming of breaks often results in more than a single car getting involved in a bad interstate 4 accident.
  • Flying debris like road direction boards or similar material have known to cause severe damage to property and also injuries to the drivers.

At I4 Route Guide, we have been working with victims of all types of accidents incidents on the interstate. Given the stringent “no-fault” laws and the paltry compensation that is awarded, we work to establish the serious nature of the injuries and help clients receive the best compensation package.

We are compassionate and patient towards all that are victims of i4 accidents extending all possible legal assistance for maximum benefits. You can fall back on I4 Route Guide lawyers as the best attorney for Accident on i4 in Florida.

Attorney Avita M. Samaroo graduated with distinction from the Barry University School of Law and received several accolades for her strong legal skills. As a compassionate lawyer, she works closely with victims of accidents and also provides free consultations. Her advocacy is assertive and emphatic that has helped several hundreds of people receive their rightful claims.

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